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About Men > Giving a Hand Job

Men were asked how well their women performed hand Jobs?
33.4% say She gives great hand jobs
35% say Ok, but could be better
19.5% sayShe needs lessons
11% say I go elsewhere for hand jobs
Full Survey Results

Ok, get in there, and get a grip.. giving a hand job is an art with eye contact and kisses, "here honey, let me help you with that.." and sometimes you can hold him on the brink of orgasm.

If you saw the stage show, "Puppetry of The Penis" which has toured Australia and New Zealand, you will have seen what an tough and agile thing it is while soft. It will curl up, roll up, twist a full 360░. When hard or erect and remember it is filled by blood pressure, it is very tough, but when handled carelessly can be painful.

When meeting a new cock, do give it an overall erotic massage, get to feel your way around & find what feels good for you & him.

Things to do:

  • Firstly don't just jerk your arm off..
  • Oil your hands, massage & find out what gives the best response.
  • Stroke the skin of the shaft
  • Massage the shaft
  • Massage the tip
  • Experiment with very light, soft and firm touch
  • There is often a point and the signal or request to go fast, get comfy as you get into it,  get your grip right and go for it pulling up and down
  • Sometimes two hands do wonders.
  • Try to imagine it is a big clitoris and do what you think would feel good and let yourself get turned on.

How do you give a hand job?
Not like this....


The Art of Erotic Massage

The Art of Erotic Massage

The Penis - Hand Jobs - Giving Head


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